Your Greentower in 3 Easy Steps:

Your thoughtful and systematic approach to building the GreenTower ensures not only its structural robustness but also provides optimal conditions for plant growth. The incorporation of stones not only facilitates water flow during irrigation but also serves as a reservoir for storing water during drier periods.

The design ingeniously encourages the roots of the plants to grow toward the stones, promoting efficient water absorption and enhancing the overall health of the plants. This innovative irrigation system prevents water stagnation, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable gardening experience.

Step 1:
Prepare Your Materials

Use a 1.0mm foil, which can be repurposed from old dam foil.
Cut the foil into six strips, each 0.3m in height, with varying lengths:
  • 6m (20ft), ring 1
  • 4.8m (16ft), ring 2
  • 3.6m (12ft), ring 3
  • 2.3m (7.5ft), ring 4
  • 1.8m (6ft), ring 5
  • 1.2m (4ft), ring 6
Drill two holes at the end of each strip for securing the strings.
Opt for a non-rotting material, such as a used flexible drip irrigation pipe.
Place small stones with a 5cm diameter in the center of the tower.
Every 5 rounds, incorporate three larger stones, approximately 20cm in diameter.
Utilize six wheelbarrows filled with your existing garden soil.
Add six wheelbarrows of goat manure to enrich the soil.
Include two wheelbarrows of self-produced compost soil.

Step 2:
Install Your Greentower

Ring 1: Foundation
Begin with the first round of your GreenTower project. In the center, install a small container without its top and bottom. Fill this container with small hardcore material. Place three larger stones in the outer ring, close to the foil. Fill the remaining space with a soil, manure, and compost mix.

Ring 2 to 5: Building Up
For the next rounds, repeat the process. Pull the container up to the next level, filling it again with small hardcore. Add three stones in the same direction as before. Fill the remaining space with the soil, manure, and compost mix. Continue this process until you reach the sixth row.

Ring 6: Finishing Touch
The sixth and final row is without stones. Complete the GreenTower by filling this last section with the soil, manure, and compost mix. Ensure the tower is stable and well-packed to support your plants.

Step 3:
Plant Your Lovely Plants

    The greentowers are customizable with the option to adjust the number of sections. Each tower can hold 60-80 plants, offering a variety of options including leafy greens, root vegetables, herbs, flowers, and small fruiting plants.

    To begin planting, the gardener should prepare the soil by digging it out in each section. Carefully insert the selected plants at the appropriate depth, ensuring their roots are not damaged. Proper spacing is important to prevent overcrowding and hindered growth.

    After planting, regular watering and pest management are essential for the plants' growth. The greentowers come to life as each section is filled with the gardener's choice of vibrant plants, creating a flourishing and sustainable vertical garden.