Do I need any special skills or knowledge to use a greentower?

No special skills or knowledge are required to use a greentower.

How much maintenance is required for a greentower?

No special maintenance is needed. All elements needed for construction are sturdy and will last for several years.

What is the cost of setting up a greentower?

The cost of setting up greentowers may vary and could depend on customization. For our ( Greentowers we use:
  • foil 6$ (1000KES)
  • string, used old dripirrigationpipes, or plasticstring
  • stones, free from garden
  • soil, from our garden
  • manure, from our goats
  • compost, from our garden

Can a greentower be customized to fit different space requirements?

Greentowers can be customized to fit different space requirements.

How long does it take for plants to grow in a greentower?

The length of time it takes for plants to grow in greentowers may vary depending on the specific plant and other factors like the weather or the soil.

Can I seed direct to the soil?

Yes you can.

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